Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life is Like A Video Game-

Life is like a video game

This occurred to me as I was taking a break from obsessing over business licenses and permits by playing Farmville on face book,a silly little game that I have become not only become successful at but obsessed with.

At Farmville I have accomplished, conquered and achieved awards for most of the challenges that have been presented-Sure there have been failures along the way, some task that I was unable to achieve simply because I either didn't have the skills, the means or the friends to accomplish the task at that time, but did that stop me from playing these games? No, I continued on, achieving greater measures of success.

I am currently in the process of trying to master all plants- each time you harvest a plant you get a mastery point – when you get the required mastery points for each of the three mastery levels you get a star , when you get all three stars you have Mastered that plant and receive a mastery sign with a picture of the plant you have mastered-and for some darn reason I want those signs.

Let me tell you those mastery signs are not easy to get- it takes time, dedication and persistence, but it can be done. Sometimes I get side tracked from my goal by helping out friends with there co-ops,stopping just to chat, harvesting trees,collecting from animals,or raising a new building in the community, but I always go back to it- concentrating on my goal in order to achieve the ultimate prize... a virtual mastery sign.

It then occurred to me that these are the very skills I need to succeed not only in creating my own successful business, but in life – if I take the time- dedicate myself to my goals and be persistent, no matter what obstacles are thrown in my path- I will achieve success.

As long as I remember to take it one plot, I mean one step at a time I will get there.Be persistent even when I get sidetracked, accept that there are things I may not be ready to accomplish or may never be a able to accomplish,know that some goals will take longer than I expect them to– Stop to take the time to connect with friends, give back to the community, tend to the things in my life that can't tend to themselves, Work hard and and most of all enjoy the process, then and only then  will I be successful.


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